Most of us often have a skincare routine that we stick to as a habit, we repeat the same steps every day.

But most of the time we are doing a wrong skincare routine and we don’t even know!

Here we are talking about 5 top skincare mistakes that are damaging your face on a daily basis.

You are mostly using face wipes

Often we run into these “amazing face wipes” that promote their gentle ingredients but what we don’t know is that often those ingredients can clogged your pores and not really do a deep cleaning as a facial cleanser and water would do.

You’re touching your face too much

Depending on our type of job we may tend to rest our face in our hands. Also, most of the time we are face pickers that can’t stand a white spot but what we don’t know is that our hands are often touching all kinds of things and get dirty. The moment we touch our skin the bacteria is invading our skin and when we pick the bacteria spreads inside and ends up creating a larger acne formation. Don’t pick – Spot treat!

You’re not checking the ingredients

Most of the time we hear about these products that will clear up our acne in a week! What we don’t know is that when you read “non comedogenic” that is not necessarily true is just a marketing tool. There is not a FDA regulation that has a special formula to claim non comedogenic. Do your own research check our Pore Clogging Ingredient List.

You’re not removing your makeup before working out

We want to look pretty while we work out but we don’t know is that our makeup mixed with our sweat is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow! We compound the problem when we put on even more makeup on to cover up our increasingly worse skin. Stop making that mistake over and over again and your skin will thank you later.

You’re exfoliating too much or not at all

How often you should exfoliate varies from person to person. Whether you use acids, scrubs or exfoliating tools it’s important to become familiar with how to read your skin so you know what your limit is like. Thin, sensitive, and reactive skin should build up gradually while thick, oily skin can typically handle more. You may find your skin can tolerate more frequent exfoliation in warm, humid months and less during winter when our skin is dry and dehydrated. Let us help you find the perfect type of exfoliation for you.

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