Facials & Peels

Customized Facial

Not sure what facial to choose from? The Customized Facial is your perfect choice.

Our knowledgeable aestheticians start with a full skin analysis to find your skin’s specific needs. With the right professional exfoliation (enzyme, microdermabrasion, peel or a combination of them) and the right hydration. The customized facial includes a relaxing massage.

The Customized Facial fits any skin type, dry, oily, dehydrated, anti-aging, rosacea or combination skin. It is focusing to activate healing and to restore the look and feel of healthy, radiant skin.



60 minutes / $115

Pregnancy Facial

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? This is the perfect facial for you!

We know how difficult it can be to pick a safe treatment when you are expecting or breastfeeding, so we decided to make it easier for you to pick.

Pregnancy hormones can be positively or negatively affecting the skin. Sometimes skin clears up, sometimes it gets angry with breakouts and pregnancy mask (hyper pigmentation).

Most of all sometimes women who are expecting just need to get away from the noise and relax.

This facial is performed to target your skin type and specific condition during your pregnancy.



60 minutes / $105

Chemical Peels

What is the Treatment

Chemical peels are effective treatments that use chemicals to target a number of skin concerns including fine lines, wrinkles, poor texture, sun damage, deep pigmentation and acne.

How Does it Work

Skin peels work both on the epidermal and dermal layers. They exfoliate epidermal build up on the surface layer to reveal fresh, new, baby skin underneath. The dermal layers can also be targeted through the activation of the fibroblast cell to increase collagen and elastin production.

What Do We Use

There are a number of different skin peels that can be used to target specific skin conditions dependant on skin type, colour and age. The most commonly used acids are Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic, Kojic and Mandelic. Skin peels vary in strength from mild to moderate to strong. Generally speaking, a series of milder peels can be recommended for general management and improvement. Moderate to strong peels may be required for more complex issues, however we will always aim for maximum results with minimal downtime.

We only use peels that have the best clinical data, evidence and backing to ensure the safety of our patients is first and foremost.

Treatment Schedule & Additional Information

There may be a small amount of downtime after your treatments. Please check upon booking to avoid inconvenience to upcoming social dates and events.

Skin peels should be carried out between 2-8 weeks apart depending on your individual treatment course.

Chemical Peels Post Care

Due to the high level of skin exfoliation associated with peels, you may expect some discomfort following treatment. While the majority of people describe any discomfort as minimal, experiences may vary depending on the type of skin peel administered and an individual’s pain tolerance.

Post Care products are formulated to reduce skin irritations, itching, tenderness in the skin, and reducing the risk of pigmented scarring, while protecting and hydrating the skin, stimulating cell renewal, and ensuring healthy wound healing. Most people agree that any discomfort is offset by the dramatic improvements attained in skin appearance.

We will give you specific instructions to follow after your procedure – these post care instructions are as important to successful results as the peel itself.

After the skin has healed, daily skin care is essential to maintaining results.



45 minutes / $110

Fire & Ice Facial

The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Resurfacing Facial is a popular pre-event rejuvenating & ultra brightening treatment. This facial is results-driven and designed to resurface the skin, treat problematic skin, reduce fine lines and encourage cellular renewal.

How Does It Work?

The treatment begins with “fire,” a cinnamon-scented intensive resurfacing masque. The masque is clinically formulated with 18% unbuffered glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, retinol, vitamin B3 and potent antioxidants, including green tea extracts. It will slightly tingle as it begins to work!

Next, for the “ice,” a rejuvenating masque designed to cool and soothe the skin. This intensively hydrating masque contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, Japanese green tea extracts, licorice extracts, grape seed extracts and rosemary extracts. This pampering portion of the facial cools the initial “fire” and leaves the skin glowing with LED Light Therapy to calm redness and stimulate collagen production.

There should be no peeling or downtime.

Safe for any skin type and pregnancy!


Getting Ready for the Treatment

We want to ensure that you get the best results from the Fire & Ice Facial.

If you plan on getting a laser or waxing treatment, make sure you schedule it after your Fire & Ice Facial. If you use products that contain glycolic or vitamin A, you should stop taking them three days before your appointment.

It is important that you let us know about any medications you’re currently taking. If there is a change in your medical status, notify us immediately.


After Your Fire & Ice Facial

Since the Fire & Ice Facial has zero downtime, you can go back home right after the treatment. Even better, you won’t experience problems like inflammation, irritation, prolonged redness, or shedding.


60 minutes / $165

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